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A Better Way To
Get Paid...

Get instant access to the salary you've earned, whenever you need it. 🚀

A smarter way to spend, send and save your money. Take care of life's unexpected expenses. 💸

It's your money your way. 🤙🏾

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Wouldn't it be great if you could get paid 

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Instant deposit directly to your bank or mobile wallet.
Zero interest, no credit checks and no hidden costs.
We just take a flat fee.

Our smart AI and financial management tools lets you set smart budgets and manage your money better.


How it works


We sign up employers and integrate with their payroll and attendance system. It's totally free for employers and won't affect their cash flow. Tell your boss about us!

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Once your workplace is onboarded, you can register to use our service via our USSD code or Mobile App. Simply fill in your details and verify your identification.


You're all set! See how much you have earned so far and cash out to your mobile wallet or bank account instantly. You will receive the balance from your employer on payday.

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Why qiribu is great for you...

instant access


Earnings on demand. Get the money you have ready made whenever you need it.

0% interest


No hidden fees, No interest. We just charge a flat transaction fee whenever you cash out. 



Take control of your finances with our, autosaving, financial wellness training and smart budgeting tools

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Want to learn more or get updates on Qiribu as we prepare to launch? 

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